Hello World! – Introducing Entropy Technologies

Today, I am more than thrilled to introduce a new company, Entropy Technologies LLC to the world and markets.

Entropy is a Software Development and Consulting Agency where we will be providing services around the following areas:

  • Custom Business Software & Integrations:
    • Sometimes your existing tools do not cover the whole array of business processes that your organization requires. In those cases, instead of stitching together multiple tools from different vendors, you can have a custom solution, tailor-made to your specific needs that can bridge the gap between your systems and lead to new levels of synergy.
    • Product Development is another area where our Software Development skills can come into play. If you are planning to start a Software Product (Desktop, Web, Mobile, SuiteApp), our skillset and toolset enable us to be a potential great partner in your new venture either as the main development unit or as an extension to your in-house team.
  • Netsuite Technical Services:
    • Over the past 7 years, Oracle Netsuite is the one platform where Myself and other core Entropy team members have the most combined expertise (and certifications). However, instead of full-fledged implementations, we have chosen to focus on technical services, rescue services and account enhancements, specially around the following areas:
      • Customization
      • Suitescript
      • Workflows
      • SuiteApp Development
  • Google Workspace:
    • One very interesting partnership opportunity that we’ve decided to pursue is that of Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace. At the time of this writing, we’ve officially been registered as Google Workspace authorized partners , a designation that allows us to offer Google Workspace licenses and Professional Services (implementation and training). In 2023, we will also incorporate a range of services associated directly with Google Cloud Platform.
  • E-Commerce:
    • Over the past decade (And specially in the last couple of years) E-Commerce has taken the world by storm and many tools have emerged to make it as easy as possible to get your product online and start selling, including Shopify, Woocommerce and Prestashop, our favorite E-Commerce platforms. However, when your business grows past a certain threshold, the out-of-the-box solutions included within these platforms are suddenly not enough and that’s when our catalog of E-Commerce services comes into play:
      • Managed Hosting and DevOps
      • E-Commerce Integration Services
      • B2B E-Commerce Modules
      • Workflow Automation
      • Payment Gateway Integration
      • Custom Apps (Shopify), Plugins (Woocommerce) and Modules (Prestashop).

Over the next few months, we will focus on interacting with potential clients, potential partners, other agencies and Software Platforms in an effort to fine-tune our service offerings and generate the biggest impact we possibly can. It is the beginning of someting great!

If you wish to reach out and explore collaboration opportunities, feel free to contact us at:

Thanks for reading!

Best regards


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