Software Development

Most of our combined expertise is related to Enterprise Software Solutions and Cloud Platforms, such as Oracle Netsuite , Salesforce, Google Workspace and AWS. Over time we have used different technologies to communicate and extend the features provided by the platforms mentioned above.

Sometimes your existing tools do not cover the whole array of business processes that your organization requires.

In these cases, instead of stitching together multiple tools from different vendors, you can have a custom solution, tailor-made to your specific needs that can bridge the gap between your systems and lead to new levels of synergy.

We specialize in building these solutions using state-of-the-art tools and best practices.

Why Entropy?

  • We have extensive experience exclusively mapping Business processes and implementing Software solutions accordingly. It’s our craft and we have been honing our tools for years.

  • We are perpetual students, we are always learning and finding ways to improve our services and deliver systems that are increasingly more reliable and that solve more needs with less effort.

  • We are strong believers in the value of long-standing business relationships, therefore, all our services and interactions are geared towards building more trust and generating more value.

Full Roadmap

Every project starts with careful analysis. Let’s define first what success really looks like and then we’ll define the steps needed to get there.


We are never short of ideas, however, refining these ideas, evaluating the different pros/cons and Trade-Offs is where we truly shine.

Clear Communication

In our view, lack of clear communication is what kills most IT Projects. We take the extra steps to provide information clearly and constantly.

Milestones Based Delivery

Every project is divided in multiple, actionable milestones that are used as an objective measure of progress. Our milestones are tied to value provided.