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Helping Carbonsuite and Accountants save the earth

 The team at Entropy is exceptional. They are a very strong technical team that deeply understands business process, which is a rare combination. At CarbonSuite, we have complex functional and technical requirements in an emerging industry. Entropy guided us in technical architecture, development best practices, software deployment management, and developed the majority of our front end and back end solution. We are a very demanding client, and Entropy has been flexible, attentive, and responsive – exactly what we are looking for in a long-term partner. I highly recommend Entropy to anyone looking for NetSuite development, PHP, Javascript, custom API integrations, HTML, CSS, and more."

 Matt Holden – CEO  

CarbonSuite has been, by far, the most ambitious and interesting project we’ve worked on to this date. The purpose, the scope and the team behind it are all exceptional. 


CarbonSuite is a cloud application that is entirely integrated with and powered by Oracle Netsuite’s ERP platform. Its purpose is to use technology to help companies keep track of their Carbon Emissions and to implement strategies that help reduce and offset those emissions. 


Out of the gate, the project had three complex requirements: 
  • The application must live within the ERP and have first-party access to transactional and financial information.
  • The application must have a snappy, dynamic and pleasant user interface
  • The application must be packaged as a SuiteApp, thus, it must be developed in a way that can be deployed to multiple Netsuite accounts. 

The resolution to each one of these challenges required a great deal of creativity, out-of-the-box thinking and close collaboration with the CarbonSuite management team. Over time, we were able to leverage a combination of Suite Cloud tools (Suitelets, Restlets, Suitescript) accompanied by a custom frontend application built with VueJS and an external API built with the Laravel framework to achieve our goals and help the CarbonSuite team get to market 


 The result is an amazing product and a living example of how technology can (and should) be used to tackle important issues that have a worldwide impact. If you wish to know more about CarbonSuite, please reach out to the team using any of the following channels:

Website Email: 

We are incredibly thankful to the CarbonSuite team for putting their trust in us, we are committed now more than ever to being CarbonSuite’s technical partner of choice for years to come

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