Help Consucol collaborate coordinate team activities with Google Workspace


Procure Google Workspace licenses and train the Consucol team for proper usage


Consucol constantly manages several functional teams that handle all the different company divisions.

These teams needed effective ways to communicate and store thousands of files from each project in a secure and searchable manner.

At the same time, these teams needed to embrace modern remote/online work methodologies and also needed tools and training to achieve this.


A kit of Google Workspace licenses provided the base tools needed to resolve most of Consucol’s pain points. However, the tools alone were not enough. The licenses purchase was time with a training/rollout process in which Entropy Technologies team members guided Consucol through the best ways to take the most advantage out of Google Workspace for their different needs.


We are proud to report that after the rollout process was completed, Consucol has been able to succesfully move their operations with Google Workspace.

Each of the corresponding teams learned to make the most out of different Google Workspace tools in different ways, resulting in company-wide synergy.

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