Develop Retail and Wholesale Websites for Bramalea Tire


Bramalea tire, as part of it’s IT modernization efforts required two websites, each one designed to tackle one of their two major business divisions: Wholesale and Retail.


Wholesale (B2B) and Retail (B2C) E-Commerce websites tackle different types of customers and therefore have different requirements, often related to how pricing is handled and if more than a single user can purchase on behalf of a single organization and how such an operation is billed.

On top of that, Bramalea Tire is an Oracle Netsuite user and as such, it leverages the ERP system as the main source of truth for pricing and inventory of it’s 40.000+ SKUs.

These websites need to integrate gracefully with the ERP system to avoid at all costs selling products at outdated prices or over-promise Items without enough stock.

Lastly one very important feature for Bramalea Tire is the ability to identify the right type of Tires and Wheels that fit a particular vehicle. These logic needed to be embedded into a Database that could be consumed from both within the ERP system and the two websites.


We proposed and implemented an Integration Engine based on Laravel’s robust queue system. This integration engine periodically queries the ERP for items where the prices and/or the inventory levels have been update since the previous execution and for the resulting matches, it creates a queued Job that pushes the updated version of the item into both the Retail and Wholesale website’s respective databases, allowing both sites to have up-to-date information fresh from the ERP system at all times.

The Retail website is build using WordPress + Woocommerce + the amazing Impreza theme, with additional customizations in place to allow for advanced product and vehicle queries.

The Wholesale website on the other hand, boasts a combination of Laravel on the backend + VueJS on the frontend, allowing the site to have a snappy SPA user-facing UI.

Lastly, a third Laravel application powers the Vehicle Fitment database that powers the Tire and Wheel searches by vehicle. This API uses Token Based Authentication to Authorize the websites and the ERP system to consume it. This API is exposed within the ERP system using a Suitelet-Powered custom HTML page also build with VueJS.


Bramalea Tire’s requirements have been comprehensive and have pushed us to bring our A game and deploy a multi-part system where every component provides it’s expected functionality while seamlessly integrating with the other components to provide a full end to end business solution.

This project has been a huge hit and it marks the beginning of what will be a long and beneficial relationhip between our two companies.

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