About Us

A team of talented Business enthusiasts and Software artisans.

Our Founder

Alejandro Barrera Aponte, is a Professional Consultant who applies multidisciplinary expertise alongside insatiable curiosity to optimize his customer’s operations day after day. A Business Administration Professional, he is highly skilled at ERP, CRM and overall cloud IT solutions. He has delivered quality services as Consultant, Systems Administrator and Web Developer to customers in a wide range of business scenarios. Outside of work, Alejandro can be usually found spending quality time with his loved ones or watching science documentaries.

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What We Do

We are a Software Development and Implementation Agency that helps your business leverage technology solutions to reach new heights.

Most of our combined expertise is related to Enterprise Software Solutions and Cloud Platforms, such as Oracle Netsuite , SalesforceGoogle Workspace and AWS.
Over time we have used different technologies to communicate and extend the features provided by the platforms mentioned above. This has resulted in us having a robust set of trusted, battle tested tools in our arsenal that we can deploy efficiently to build all sorts of interesting Software projects that can enhance business operations.


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